RealTimeWeb.NET Front-end

Real-time web application on ASP.NET Core

RealTimeWeb is a real-time web application on ASP.NET Core with two main features:

  • Allow users to become member by registering with username/password or by an external social provider. Currently Google and Facebook authentication is implemented.
  • Display the real-time data of the vehicle monitor received from the Vehicle Monitor service.



The application consist of following parts:

  • ASP.NET Core web application that is responsible to serve the necessary web-page, JavaScript and style-sheet files.
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  • The single page application written in React.
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  • Authentication and authorization implemented with OAuth and ASP.NET identity.
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  • WebSockets to push the real-time data from the vehicle monitor to the user. This is implemented with the usage of SignalR.
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Source code

The source code of the application can be found on github:



The application is still work in progress and new features will be added in the next following weeks…

Some of the technologies and frameworks used in this application are pre-release and most likely to change. Currently it is based on RC1 of .NET Core. I try to update the code as soon as possible whenever the final version is released. Ping me on Twitter if you have questions or issues.

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