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React Authentication on ASP.NET Core with OAuth and Identity

React Authentication In this post I explain how React authentication on ASP.NET Core in the RealTimeWeb.NET application is implemented. The application supports two ways to authenticate: By registration and entering username and password By connecting to an external login provider like Facebook and Google. ASP.NET Core supports cookie authentication out-of-the-box. While this is enough to […]

Single page application in React on ASP.NET Core

Single page application in React on ASP.NET Core What is React React is an open-source client-side JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. It is developed by Facebook and used in their own products. It is also used by some other mayor web-sites like Netflix, imgur, Weather Underground and Feedly. The two main reasons why they […]

ASP.NET Core web application

ASP.NET Core web application ASP.NET Core is the new Web-development framework developed by Microsoft. The biggest advantages between the previous version of ASP.NET is that it is multi-platform out of the box and is fully open-source. I selected the new ASP.NET Core framework for the development of this sample application because of the multi-platform support. In […]

RealTimeWeb.NET Front-end

Real-time web application on ASP.NET Core RealTimeWeb is a real-time web application on ASP.NET Core with two main features: Allow users to become member by registering with username/password or by an external social provider. Currently Google and Facebook authentication is implemented. Display the real-time data of the vehicle monitor received from the Vehicle Monitor service. Components […]

Getting started with RealTimeWeb.NET

Getting started In order to be able to run the application locally you need to perform following steps: Install PostgreSQL 9.5 Install RabbitMQ Configure application for the external providers: Google and Facebook The first time that the application runs it will ask you to enter all configuration values. When the settings are saved a configuration […]

Marten, PostgreSQL as document db for .NET

Marten, PostgreSQL as document db for .NET Since they include the JSONB column type a while ago I was thinking about using PostgreSQL as document database. But I had no time to implement something like this myself yet. So I was happily surprised when I stumbled upon Marten a few weeks ago. Marten is a new […]

Ampion Innovation road-trip through East-Africa

Ampion Innovation Bus Recently, I was lucky to be part of the Ampion Venture Bus! Ampion is a Berlin based organization dedicated to accelerating businesses and connecting social entrepreneurs, IT engineers and designers throughout the emerging world. A Venture Bus is a seven-day road trip where innovative ideas are developed from scratch with the guidance of mentors. Each […]

Event Store Rest API Basics (Node.js)

Event Store Node.js client I recently finished my first project written in Node.js with EventStore as data-store. I published the some of the code used to access the EventStore to github, feel free to play with it. The official documentation can be found the the EventStore web-site. The code to load/save the events is coded […]

Multiple IIS Sites hosting the same application and NServiceBus

Multiple IIS Sites for the same application When the same application is hosted in multiple sites in IIS, and the application is hosting a NServicebus endpoint, then it is important to ensure that each site has a different end-point names. Otherwise all web-site read events from the same queue, and each site only receives a […]